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Navilyst Medical Launches Embarc Microcatheter for Narrow Vasculature

May 7 2012

Navilyst Medical announces its entry into the Embolization Market with the U.S. launch of its new Embarc Microcatheter with Glyce Hydrophilic Coating. The new catheter is designed for use in small vessels and superselective anatomy during diagnostic and interventional procedures in the peripheral vasculature. This introduction makes Navilyst Medical the first company to offer a […]

3D Printing Could Revolutionise Pharmaceutical Industry with DIY Drugstores

April 26 2012

A new 3D printing process developed at the University of Glasgow could revolutionise the way scientists, doctors and even the general public create chemical products. Professor Lee Cronin, Gardiner Chair of Chemistry at the University, believes his research could lead to the development of home chemical fabricators which consumers could use to design and create […]

Cambridge Researchers Make Synthetic Bones Using LEGO Robots

April 24 2012

A video produced for Google Science Fair shows how researchers at Cambridge making synthetic bone have turned to legendary children’s toy Lego for a helping hand. Engineering isn’t all glamour. In the course of devising and producing the stuff that improves all our lives, the lab often becomes home to laborious procedures that can start […]

Monash Vision Group’s Bionic Eye Microchip to Restore Sight to Blind

April 18 2012

Research to restore sight to the clinically blind has reached a critical stage, with testing underway of the prototype microchips that will power the bionic eye. Electrical engineers from the Monash Vision Group (MVG) have begun trialling the microchips, with early laboratory tests proving positive, and pre-clinical assessment due to begin shortly. The Director of […]

Handheld Plasma Flashlight Device Kills Skin Bacteria Instantly

April 16 2012

The handheld plasma flashlight could be used in ambulance emergency calls, natural disaster sites, military combat operations and many other instances where treatment is required in remote locations. The flashlight is driven by a 12 volt battery and doesn’t require any external generator or wall power. It also doesn’t require any external gas feed or […]

The ‘Living’ Cyberplasm Micro-Robot Could Detect Human Diseases

April 13 2012

A tiny prototype robot that functions like a living creature is being developed which one day could be safely used to pinpoint diseases within the human body. Called ‘Cyberplasm’, it will combine advanced microelectronics with latest research in biomimicry (technology inspired by nature). The aim is for Cyberplasm to have an electronic nervous system, ‘eye’ […]

Spartan Bioscience Unveils Bedside Genetic Test to Predict Cardiac Stent Complications

April 6 2012

Spartan Bioscience announces publication in Lancet of clinical results from the world’s first bedside DNA test. The paper, “Point-of-care genetic testing for personalization of antiplatelet treatment (RAPID GENE)”, reports on the use of the Spartan RX CYP2C19, a simple cheek swab test performed by nurses at the patient’s bedside. It allowed doctors to rapidly identify […]

Idaho Technology Launches FilmArray RP Respiratory Pathogen Detector

April 5 2012

Idaho Technology announces the European launch of its FilmArray Respiratory Panel (FilmArray RP), a multiplex clinical diagnostic product that simultaneously detects 21 respiratory pathogens in about one hour. FilmArray RP is Idaho Technology’s first clinical diagnostic test designed to run on the Company’s user-friendly FilmArray system. The FilmArray RP received FDA 510(k) clearance last year […]

Clearbridge BioMedics Launches ClearCell System for Cancer Research Markets

April 4 2012

Clearbridge BioMedics has achieved ISO13485 certification for the development of cell-based in-vitro diagnostic devices and today launched its revolutionary ClearCell System, for the cancer research market. This is one of the world’s first commercially-available systems that can successfully isolate circulating tumour cells (CTC) from blood, using biomechanical properties. ISO 13485 is a comprehensive management system […]

Graphene-Based Wireless Nanosensor Detects Bacteria on Tooth Enamel

April 3 2012

Direct interfacing of nanosensors onto biomaterials could impact health quality monitoring and adaptive threat detection. Graphene is capable of highly sensitive analyte detection due to its nanoscale nature. Here we show that graphene can be printed onto water-soluble silk. This in turn permits intimate biotransfer of graphene nanosensors onto biomaterials, including tooth enamel. The result […]