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Monash Vision Group’s Bionic Eye Microchip to Restore Sight to Blind

April 18 2012

Research to restore sight to the clinically blind has reached a critical stage, with testing underway of the prototype microchips that will power the bionic eye. Electrical engineers from the Monash Vision Group (MVG) have begun trialling the microchips, with early laboratory tests proving positive, and pre-clinical assessment due to begin shortly.

The Director of MVG, Professor Arthur Lowery said the positive result meant the project was on track to deliver a direct-to-brain bionic eye implant ready for patient tests in 2014.

The bionic eye device will consist of a tiny camera mounted into a pair of glasses, which acts as the retina; a pocket processor, which takes the electronic information from the camera and converts it into signals enabling the brain to build up a visual construct; and cortical implants of several tiles which will be the portal for the stimulation of the visual cortex.

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